Lipomassage is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that permanently eliminates stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. The ROLL'Up, ROLL'In and ROLL'Out action precisely targets problem areas by gently yet intensively condition skin tissue to eliminate fat deposits, revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation and reactivate lipolysis. Slim down fat cells, smoothen out cellulite, firm the skin, and resculpt your figure. After a few sessions, you will see visible results on your figure.




With a highly trained therapist and the machine’s capability of changing intensity, there should not be any pain.

First, sugars and fats are stored by adipocytes in fat tissue. During a Lipomassage session, the LPG rolls stimulate the lipolysis and activate the fat release. They are thus transformed into a source of energy for the muscles.


You will feel results after the very first use. Although results vary for each person, you will start to notice the changes after about 3-6 sessions. Treated areas are less compact, less voluminous, and decongested. Your skin is smoother and softer. After six sessions, the results are intensified: your orange-peel skin is smoother, and your figure is reshaped and toned.

It all depends on your weight and your beauty goals. All sorts of diets can help you to lose weight, but rarely where you want to. In addition, cellulite is usually unaffected by even the strictest diets. Lipomassage specifically targets these stubborn areas.

Results appear quickly and last. However, we suggest that you approach cellulite treatment as a lifestyle change. After a full program, one session per month is generally sufficient to maintain the effects of the Lipomassage.

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