Intraceuticals® is the ultimate treatment for total rejuvenation of the skin sought out by many of the A-list celebrities in Hollywood. Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, and Mark Wahlberg are a few who consider this treatment an essential in getting red-carpet ready!

It is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that combines oxygen under pressure with special product formulations, targeted to lift, plump and tighten the skin, address wrinkles, expression lines, as well as dramatically enhances overall hydration. The oxygen along with essential vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients work together to strengthen and nurture your skin, increase elasticity as well as stimulate the growth of new cells and restore skin moisture. You can expect a very relaxing and safe treatment with results that can be seen and felt instantly!

What is Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatment?



The application is carried out by a treatment of special serum combined with the pressure of hyperbaric oxygen that is infused into the skin to bring out its’ hyaluronic acid (the natural, youthful component that decreases over time).

No. An Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatment is absolutely painless and discomfort free. It will be a cool, calming and relaxing experience.

You may choose a microdermabrasion treatment or other exfoliation methods prior to an Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatment, however it is not entirely necessary. Nevertheless, an Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatment is the best finishing procedure that can be combined with almost any other procedure.

A treatment is usually done in 30 to 40 minutes, with absolutely no downtime or recovery period. Combined with other treatments, it works miracles to speed up the healing time of these other treatments.


The results are instant, with deeply hydrated, refreshed, brightened and glowing skin that keeps improving as the days progress. Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will also dramatically reduce. The effects are also cumulative so there is lasting long-term benefits.

Intraceuticals® Oxygen Treatments are absolutely safe to treat dry skin, acne, sun-damaged skin and more. There are minimal complications and side effects associated with Intraceuticals® Oxygen Facials, which is one of the reasons why they are extremely popular.

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