Action II Lip Tinting

The Laser Tint Technique by Action II creates attractive lips by promoting a natural, silky texture as well as fuller and redder lips. With controllable thermal energy, no topical anesthesia is needed prior to treatment, as there is minimal discomfort and downtime.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® are popular smooth gel filler that instantly smooth away wrinkles. It helps smoothen out unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours by adding volume to the dermal layer and below, returning to a state similar to that of youth.

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Juvéderm® VOLITE

This hydrating microinjection treatment involves a series of hydrating microinjections that provide lasting moisture, improve elasticity, as well as increase smoothness and firmness.

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Perk Lip by HydraFacial®

Perk Lip by HydraFacial® revitalises lips with key ingredients like Peppermint Oil and Peony Extract, targeting their unique vulnerability to dehydration.

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