The Fotona Starwalker laser brings together a combination of 4 different wavelengths and 14 modes of laser beam delivery, in one high powered laser system.

Fotona StarWalker

The Fotona Starwalker is highly versatile and performs a wide range of aesthetic treatments including :

  • Melasma, freckles, age spots, Nevus of Ota
  • Multi coloured complex tattoo
  • Large birthmarks
  • Skin whitening and tightening
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Deep acne scars
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Large facial pores
  • Unwanted coarse, thick hair
  • Vascular malformations of capillaries and veins
  • Nail fungal infection


StarWalker® is built with two unique laser technologies – PICO and NANO. The machine emits powerful photoacoustic shockwaves to break pigment into ultrafine particles that are easily eliminated. Our body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the particles.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, with minimal recovery time needed.

Anaesthetic cream will be applied on the treated area 30 minutes before the treatment. During treatment, the patient will feel like there are many small rubber bands snapping on the skin and is generally very tolerable.

Each unique patient and condition require a different treatment protocol. Everyone's skin responds a bit differently and your results will depend on your compliance with your clinician's instructions. Results are typically seen after the first session but it can take 4-6 sessions to produce optimal results.

Your skin will be numbed prior to the treatment. Most patients experience little discomfort like sensation of snapping a rubber band on the skin. Tattoo removal treatments use more energy, hence you may experience more discomfort, however, you will be prepped with numb cream and cooled air to ease your discomfort.


Depending on the conditions being treated, downtime can range from mild flushing that last for < 12 hours, to scabbing (freckles and age spots treatments)

However, patients can return to their daily activities immediately with adequate moisturizing and sunscreen protection.

The recommended interval time for the next treatment session is 4 weeks. However, for dermal (deeper) lesions, interval time is 6-8 weeks. Your physician will advise you based on your skin type and the nature of the treatments that you are receiving.

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