Dr Ong Yan Ying

MBBS, (MAS), Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology, (UK)


Dr Ong Yan Ying graduated as Gold Medallist (First Class-Honours) from Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology, Malaysia and obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Prior to aesthetic medicine, she started with a keen interest in the field of Practical Dermatology which led her to confer Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology from University of South Wales, United Kingdom. With more than 8 years of post-graduate experience in Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine field, Dr Ong Yan Ying is well known for her keen aesthetic eyes and believes that the best cosmetic outcome is from a holistic approach backed by proven personal experiences in treatments suggested to any of her patients. Aside from her thorough clinical acumen, Dr Ong usually only advices treatments which she personally has gone through and know of their real outcomes. With this belief and honesty, Dr Ong’s personal motto is “Ageing is inevitable, Genetic is inheritable, but Aesthetic Treatment is a Choice”, as she vouches for her patient’s freedom of choice after equipping them with the right knowledge.

Dr Ong Yan Ying
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