Dr Kirstine Andrew-Lim

MBChB (United Kingdom), Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) Program


“We are each uniquely and wonderfully made, and I intend to honour you and your individual traits. I bring with me my surgical precision and a keen eye for detail to help empower you with the confidence needed to thrive in all facets of your life.”
- Dr Kirstine Andrew-Lim

Dr Kirstine Andrew-Lim attended the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, achieving First Class Honours with Distinction in Medicine & Surgery [MBChB]. She went on to rotate through many disciplines of surgical, medical, and acute medicine specialties in the NHS, UK.

Dr Kirstine had a focus on surgery, with a background in Neurosurgery, Urology, General and colorectal Surgery alongside Breast Surgery, and training in Tertiary Hospitals across the United Kingdom. She subsequently undertook further surgical training with the Royal College of Surgeons UK in their Intercollegiate Surgical Skills training program. Dr Kirstine has always had a keen eye for beauty and design, leading her to explore the intersection where art meets medicine - Aesthetics Medicine. This led her to pursue further training in Aesthetics Medicine in London, UK, and the Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC) Program.

Dr Kirstine is licensed and registered to practice medicine in Malaysia & United Kingdom. As an Aesthetic Medical Doctor, Dr Kirstine believes in a collaborative approach to building rapport with her patients. She takes pride in her bubbly, approachable, and empathic nature that facilitates excellent patient care and a professional doctor-patient relationship.

Dr Kirstine believes in open and honest dialogue to facilitate transparent communication. She loves to help empower people with the confidence to feel their best selves by enhancing what is unique to her patients. She provides a bespoke and individualised treatment plan to optimise her patients’ distinct features.

Dr Kirstine Andrew-Lim
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