ACTION II Petit Lady Vaginal Rejuvenation

Petit Lady treatment with Action II is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. It is a safe and comfortable treatment that awakens your feminine sensuality by regenerating collagen and rejuvenation of the vulva that tightens the vaginal tissues and canal to give you a young and “new” vagina.

Petit lady is an ideal painless solution for the treatment of a variety of gynecological conditions caused by post-delivery alterations and the natural aging process. Treatment leads to improvements in sexual intimacy, self-esteem, and the quality of your daily life while completely eliminating downtime and any risks of adverse events.

It is recommended for treatment of the following:

  • To tighten vagina and vestibule
    Vaginal Rejuvenation makes the vestibule and vaginal canal narrower and increases the amount of friction produced during intercourse. These maximize sensation and enhance sexual satisfaction.
  • To reduce vaginal atrophy
    Decreased estrogen levels at any age cause thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal wall. Symptoms related to vaginal atrophy are vaginal dryness, burning sensation, vaginal discharge, genital itching, burning with urination, and reduced vaginal lubrication during sexual activity. By rejuvenating the vaginal tissues, the function of the vagina improves and reduces symptoms of vaginal atrophy.
  • To enhance the appearance of pigmented vulva
    Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation brings back the natural color and silky texture of the vulva area.
  • To improve post-delivery vaginal alterations
    Pregnancy, labor and vaginal delivery creates trauma to vaginal tissues as well as alters the tightness, tone, and control. By restoring and rejuvenating vaginal tissues, the tightness and elasticity drastically improves.
  • To avoid symptoms of stress urinary incontinence
    Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is defined as unintentional or uncontrollable leakage of urine during daily activities that increase abdominal pressure (sneezing, exercising etc) due to the weakened tissues supporting the urethra. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation strengthens the tissues supporting the pelvic floor and the urethra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Action II Petit Lady convenient and safe?
Non-invasive Action II Petit Lady laser device is known for its quick and pain-free treatment. In comparison to other aesthetic gynecology systems using the CO2 laser, Petit Lady is comparably much safer as it does not lead to tissue necrosis or carbonization.

What can be expected from the Petit Lady treatment?
Petit Lady treatment tightens the vaginal tissues, rejuvenates the vulva, enhances the appearance of pigmented vulvae as well as reduces the symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).

How many treatment sessions are recommended?
The number of treatment sessions will be decided when treatment goals are clarified during the consultation process. Generally speaking, patients are recommended to receive 3 sessions with a 2-week interval in-between. Not only will you experience and feel the clinical effectiveness of the treatments, but your partner will too notice the difference.

What is the recovery period following a treatment?
There is no downtime. You may resume to your daily routines right after the treatment as there is no feeling of discomfort and need for medication. Sexual activities can be resumed a day after the treatment.

How long will it take to complete the Petit Lady treatment?
This treatment will take approximately 30-45 minutes in the privacy and comfort of the clinic. Total appointment time will vary.

When is the best time to receive Petit Lady treatment?
In premenopausal women, Petit Lady treatment is recommended either before or after menstruation. For postmenopausal women, treatment can be performed at any time.

Is Petit Lady beneficial to those who have had a caesarean?
Yes, because your vagina is affected by the fact that you were pregnant rather than the type of delivery. Vaginas do loosen up due to the pressure of carrying a baby during the pregnancy.